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The Outdoor Personal Trainer site is about increasing the exposure of outdoor fitness and generating more clients for outdoor trainers around Australia.

It is about getting better customer service and training for clients.

This is the first directory site to focus just on outdoor training and aims to unit the outdoor industry and give it more credibility.

Gyms and studios take a big slice of the pie in regards to fitness leads due to:

  • Permeant shop fronts
  • Massive street signs
  • Having marketing departments
  • Buying power of the company
  • Having developed the gym culture
  • 24/7 operational hours
  • etc

It is our goal to take some of that and give it to the outdoor trainers of Australia.

Local councils make it difficult to have up commercial banners and A frames to give outdoor trainers exposure throughout the day.

Most trainers have a website

  • But can it be seen?
  • Does it rank on page one of google under lots of search key words?
  • Does it rank on page one for the keywords with the most traffic?
  • Does it produce leads / clients every week?

The Outdoor Personal Trainer site is designed to do this for trainers and so much more.

Come join the team and through a unified strength we will be victorious.