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Fitness PT

Fitness PT

Quality personalised fitness at its best. Enjoy the convenience of a mobile personal fitness trainer at your home, or the fun of training outdoors.

Want to lose weight and get fit?
Want good health & longevity?
Want to feel totally amazing with endless energy?


Fit Pregnant LadyPregnant LadyPregnant Lady


“I’m 7.5 months pregnant – I look & feel totally great, so worth it!
It’s the best choice I ever made for bubs & I.”

Personalised fitness training is the answer. Ignore the empty promises and cheap fixes, they don’t work and if anything, cause more harm than good.

Exercise with a trainer in your own home or the outdoors and have your own personalised fitness programs with:

- No catches
- No hidden fees
- Pay as you go with no minimum sessions contracts
- No gym fees
- No ego-show-offs
- No queues
- No public showers or toilets
- No member fees

Just quality, simple and effective fitness training at your doorstep from qualified trainers who are registered and approved by Fitness Australia and the Australian Fitness Network.


Australian Fitness NetworkFitness Australia 


Fitness PT is all about customised fitness, that is programs tailored and designed for each person according to their goals. Quality fitness is a delicate balance between proper training technique, intensity, relevance and rest. 


Fit Woman Running 

Program examples: 

- Muscle & core strength
- Cardiac fitness
- Fat loss programs
- Bone strength
- Suppleness & stretching
- Rehabilitation
- Performance based training
- Circuit training
- Compound programs
- Definition and toning

Enjoy the benefits of a professional mobile trainer and train in the comfort of your own home or in the fresh outdoors at a park near you.

Plus get more from your training as a bonus. Not only will you reach your goals, our programs are designed to give you the following over and above.

- Increased bone health & density
- Better posture & greater core strength
- Increased metabolism
- Increased lung capacity
- Greater suppleness and flexibility
- Muscle tone & fat loss
- Increased stroke volume & circulatory health
- Increased definition
- Faster recovery time
- Increased fertility health
- Increased neurological function
- Greater cardiac health
- A decrease in illness & disease risk
- Increased immune health
- Enhanced reflexes
- Better stress management
- And much more

There is something there for everyone and if any one of those points are a priority in your goal list, we’ll make sure that we emphasis training for faster results in that area.

If you’re ready to go then simply click here and request a first session.

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Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

Springfield Lakes
Forest Lake
promenade park
Redbank Plains
Goupong Park
Col Bennett Park


  1. Caroline says:

    I have been training with Nick from Fitness PT for the past 3 months about. I am currently 6 months pregnant. Nick tailored a fitness program for me that was enjoyable and fit with my needs as a pregnant woman. I look forward to some more intensive workouts after the baby is born so I can get back into shape as quickly as possible.

    It has been great to work with a personal trainer, as I find it much more motivating. I used to go to the gym, but I found I was amped for a few months and then the motivation died off. Nick keeps me motivated and on track.

    I would highly recommend Fitness PT to anyone looking to get fit, healthy and energised.

  2. Pedro says:

    All I can say is that Fitness PT are amazing, I have worked with Multiple fitness and martial arts organizations over the past 10 years, I have never met a more knowledgeable fitness professional nor would I easily consider working with any other fitness entity as my main physical conditioning partner. Also just a comment on Nick as a person – He is the most encouraging, reliable person in this game. – Thanks Nick; for everything.

  3. Peter Simmons says:

    hi my name is peter and i was traind by nick and i have never felt better .

    i would recommend fitness PT to get you back into shape

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