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Fitness Trainers Australia

Fitness Trainers in Australia are generally trained by a specialized fitness training college or Tafe to a certificate 4 standard. There are people who have done a human movements or exercise science degree who have a higher level of knowledge that working as personal trainers as well.

Fitness Australia is the primary registry body for fitness professionals and ensures that trainers meet certain criteria both for initial training and registration and then for ongoing registration.

Local councils are also involved in monitoring outdoor trainers for their own shire area. Mostly this is to ensure that they don’t disturb other users of outdoor space, trainers are mindful of noise and local residents, and that all their qualifications are up to date.

Benefits of Outdoor personal Training

  • The first benefit is of course that you get to experience the fresh air, enjoy the sun and bask in the glory of natural beauty when you exercise outdoors. Nothing, not even the classiest of gyms can come close to this experience.
  • Personal trainers are of the opinion that when you exercise outdoors, your body releases greater doses of endorphin to induce higher level of well-being feeling. Sunlight heightens serotonin levels and you become more alert and vigilant as well.
  • Outdoor Training can offer you a greater and better variety of exercises that is impossible to be performed in a gym.
  • Training outdoors in varying terrains and applications of fitness components delivers a more specific training result than training indoors.

Performing Outdoor Personal Training with a personal trainer can help you to find out the best method of working out on a one-to-one basis or in a group and achieve individual fitness goals in the quickest possible time. A balanced personal training routine conducted outdoors can bring the best benefits to your physique and wellbeing – experience it and enjoy good health.