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Good nutrition, the right portion size, and plenty of clean water, combined with the right exercise and appropriate overload will see you go a long way to a fantastic long life.

Don’t wait, make a change today and start moving.

There is so much advice out there about what to eat, how much of this or that and what the latest and greatest optimal weight loss solution is that some people never decide what they are going to do and then don’t get started, in the meantime they keep eating too many carbs, lots of processed foods, transfats, big portion sizes and drinking energy drinks, coffee and alcohol.

What works for others may not work for you! What works best for you is a journey that you need to take for yourself. Certainly start with a good premise in mind and then build from that. For centuries we have lived on natural foods why not start there?

Please find in the other nutrition menus some information about seasonal fruit and vegetables (eating in season is fresher, cheaper and have higher nutrient content) , fruit and vegetable profiles, health tips and a way of tracking your portion size and nutrient intake through an online nutrition program.

Remember however small the change start today but make it a life long lifestyle change.