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Muesli Mixer

MuesliMixer offers bespoke muesli to the Australian market. The customer is able to choose from six different bases, can then select additional fruits, nuts and seeds as well as other extras to enhance his muesli and create it his individual mix. To make it even more personalised each muesli mix can be named (e.g. “Emma’s get up early mix”) and the name will be printed on the package. Easy and convenient it will then get delivered to your doorstep.

Muesli from MuesliMixer is without all the added sugar and preservatives. It is all-natural and you are able to track the nutrition facts of your mix as you create it. This way you will have a healthy breakfast that is completely to your liking.

Our toasted oats for example are toasted using apple juice and not oil- so it is really crunchy without the extra fat.

Claudia and Florian (who settled from Germany to Australia 4 years ago) founded Mueslimixer in October 2009 and now send muesli from North Melbourne to all around Australia.

Over 7 Quadrillion possibilities and as Florian would say: “That means every Australian (21M) could eat a different muesli on each day of the year for the next 905 thousand years. And that is only the beginning …”

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