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OUTFIT health and fitness, Nick Pengly

OUTFIT health and fitness, Nick Pengly

OUTFIT health and fitness personal trainer, Nick Pengly, is a weight loss and strength and toning specialist. He's been through massive weight loss himself so knows what it's all about. Certified strength and conditioning coach, as well as personal trainer, Nick will have you fe

What to expect from a personal training with me….
Loads of passion and energy. The knowledge to further achieve your goals through training, nutrition and rest. And plenty of exercises you may have never tried.

Qualifications include;
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Swiss Ball level 1
Mark Buckley Strength Training
Olympic Lifts level 1 & 2

Pre and Post Natal training

Available 6-8am weekdays

I currently personal train both outdoors and in a gym, doing outdoor one on one and group training sessions. The part i love the most about training is not only achieving my own personal goals, but connecting with clients to whom I’ve given the knowledge and confidence to realize, set, and achieve their own health and fitness goals through hard work.
Between 2005 & 2007 i lost 69kg and transformed my life. I can help you do the same!


Trainer Level of certification

Level 1

Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

Inner west suburbs including Abbotsford
Russell Lea
Newtown and other nearby suburbs.

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