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Pure Fitness Manly

Pure Fitness Manly

Want to feel healthier, improve your eating habits, get fit, lose weight or de-stress your life? Pure Fitness training programs are perfect for those who want results in a limited time.

Want to feel healthier, improve your eating habits, get fit, lose weight or de-stress your life?

Pure Fitness training programs are perfect for those who want results in a limited time. Available one on one or for small groups or up to 4 people, a Pure Fitness personal training program provides you with individual attention to help you achieve your goals faster.

Personal Training

What do I get?

  • Initial one on one consultation to assess your current health, fitness and lifestyle to understand your goals and needs to ensure that your personal training program will suit your lifestyle.
  • A complete results based exercise package designed around your fitness levels, goals and needs.
  • Nutritional analysis of your current diet.
  • Weekly monitoring of your complete exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program to enable you to stay on track with your goals and objectives and to ensure that you are getting the results you desire.

Group Training

Our sessions are run on 4 WEEK cycles which we feel is just enough time for you to really start to feel the benefits and see results.

What do I get?

  • We offer nutritional support and analysis to all our group training clients by way of food diary’s, online articles, online support and 24 hour feedback to all questions and concerns.
  • Health and fitness seminars once every 6 weeks. Keep yourself in the look by checking out our events page.
  • Fitness test every 6 weeks so you can track your progress and see how fabulously well your going with both fitness and strength.
  • Social outings every 2 months in the form of kayaking, surfing, bush walks, barefoot bowls, drinks just to name a few! Check out our events page for the pics :)

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fitter, train for a particular event or just try something new, Pure Fitness training sessions will deliver.

We are passionate about each and every one of our clients and will work along side you to dig deep from start to finish, walking away knowing you have given it your best shot. Our trainers are well experienced with catering towards all fitness levels so you will also be confident you will not be left behind or feel like your not working hard enough.

And if you are having a down day or just not feeling you mojo remember one thing: Our trainers will be there to support you and ‘don’t ever ever give up’!

Fitness Australia Registration Number


Trainer Level of certification

Level 1



Start Times of Training


Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

North Steyne Surf Club Manly

Manly Surf Club South Steyne Manly

and Dee Why


  1. Anni Montgomery says:

    Sarah and Pure Fitness is a very professional training company. Owner Sarah is a bundle of energy and is completely focused on ensuring you get as much out of your training as possible while at the same time having fun. With continuous checks where you’re at versus your goals, or even modifying them as you go along, as your trainer, Sarah never loses site of the objective to increase your fitness and well-being. The training is very dynamic and changes all the time to fit into what you want to do and your goals. We all know training is hard – and it is also with Sarah – but lots of fun too.

  2. Lara Saunders says:

    I have been training with Pure Fitness for about 4 months now. Sarah is such a passionate professional, and even though you are taking part in group training sessions, you get the benefits of personal attention with one on one help with nutrition, injuries etc. Sarah is always on the phone to us and via email so you have that personalised support to help you achieve your goals faster. All of the trainers are professional, knowledgeable, and know how to push you along to ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

  3. Sarah Collingwood says:

    I train with pure fitness 3 days a week at 6am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Of course there are exceptions when I don’t make all three days)

    This training involves dragging my butt out of bed at 5.30am, leaving training 5mins early to catch the 7am ferry into the city, arriving at work for 7.30am, showering, changing, sorting hair and makeup and getting to my desk at 7:55am.

    My colleagues and friends think I am crazy BUT I can’t think of a better way to do it!! Before my work day has even started I have already run to the beach and done a solid 1 hour training session while watching the sunrise! Sometimes you are even lucky enough to see the whales.

    I have so much fun which is why I go and I could not recommend Sarah and her team enough. Each session is fun and varied, you are constantly on the go and never standing around waiting to see what is next, all the trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and have no tolerance to slacking ( believe you me, I have tried )

    If you need a little motivation and find going to the gym dull and monotonous then this is the perfect way to get in shape – you will have fun while you work out, it is really affordable and you will meet amazing people that share the same goals and battle with the same struggles as you do.


  4. Emma Whitley says:

    I have been training with Pure Fitness for approximately 4 months now. I am down 5kgs and feel fitter than ever!
    Sarah is extremely encouraging, knowlegable and supportive. She cares as much about our goals as we do and achiveing them… I love the flexibility & range of the outdoor classes. I’ve never left a session without a sweat! I love it!

  5. Tenille Halloran says:

    I have been training with Pure Fitness now for approx 4 months and in my opinion you just can’t get a better start to the morning than a Manly beach setting, watching the sun rise over the ocean while you work up a sweat!
    The variety of classes, from boxing and strength to endurance training keeps you interested and the passionate trainers keep you motivated. Workouts are challenging but we always have fun!!
    Sarah is amazing, her energy is addictive and your goals become hers. I highly recommend Pure Fitness – see you there!!

  6. Debbie Monteleone says:

    I have been doing personal training sessions with Sarah 3 times a week for over 6 months now & absolutely love it. I’m always pleasantly surprised when Sarah is able to come up with different plans for every session – it is always interesting & does not feel repetitive. It’s really hard work but I look forward to every session. Sarah’s energy is contagious & she is always encouraging me to acheive new goals. I would absolutely recommend Pure Fitness & Sarah (I’ve had the odd session with her other trainers & they are also fantastic).

  7. Celeste Cox says:

    Ive been training for awhile now with sara, i do the evenings its the best training i have ever done, she adjusts the workouts to suit everyones needs and she knows exactly how to get the best out of you. Also the other trainers that help are the best of the best in the industry, what more could you want and she is affordable to.

    Give her a go you wont regret it :)

  8. Nicolle Fenech says:

    Every day I am so thankful for finding Sarah! When I met Sarah I knew I needed to fix my ways in both exercise and diet, but I simply didn’t know where to start. Gyms were way too daunting and I certainly didn’t have the self motivation to push myself beyond a fast walk to the cafe!
    Sarah is incredibly down-to-earth and exactly the type of trainer you want with you when taking those first wobbly steps. She is patient and guides you every step of the way. For a newbie like me – she has been perfect. Her encouragement and enthusiasm has been invaluable.
    Sarah has put me on the right track to a sustainable healthy lifestyle and given me a thirst for exercise that I never had before. Training with Sarah makes every day brighter and even when its hard, it doesn’t seem that hard because its so much fun!! She has me doing things I never thought I would ever be able to achieve. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

  9. Jane Reoch says:

    I’ve been training with Sarah’s bootcamps for over a year now and cannot recommend her sessions enough. Each session is different and motivational. Sarah and the trainers know how to push you – but also know if you’re struggling and provide guidance / tips on how to get through the session and improve.

    For the advanced, there is always additional challenges and the energy the trainers have motivates the highest results. For the beginners, the sessions are tailored so everyone can go at their own pace.

    Sarah’s bootcamps are perfect for any age and fitness level. We’re constantly moving around Manly and seeing the sunrise cannot be beaten.

    If you want a great workout in a caring environment join Pure Fitness – you wont regret it!!

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