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Vital Fit

Vital Fit

Outdoor personal and group fitness training to guide and support people to look and feel great while achieving long-term health and fitness.

Get with the program!

Do you want to: lose weight, get fitter, feel better, or turn over a new leaf?

Whatever your fitness and weight loss goals are, Vital Fit will get you there!! Start now with the Vital Fit Program that works… See results in just 5 weeks!!

What is the Vital Fit Program?

  • Rapid fat loss through the ‘Metabolic Training Method
  • Telephone and email support from the Head Personal Trainer
  • Most experienced and professional Personal Trainers
  • Flexible and cost effective

What is the ‘Metabolic Training Method’:

  • A combination of compound strength and interval aerobic exercise
  • Burns maximum fat calories during a session
  • Stimulates the fat burning hormones
  • Burns fat well after the session (after burn effect).

Head Personal Trainer will

  • Provide encouragement and support via email and phone
  • Hold you accountable to your training commitment
  • Offer fitness and nutritional advice

Your Personal Trainer will:

  • Motivate, encourage and push you to do your best
  • Provide upbeat, challenging and varied sessions Adapt the session to your fitness level

Flexible program to suit your Lifestyle

  • Choose from different sessions week to week
  • Make up missed sessions within your 5 week block
  • Gain credits if you’re away or sick

Personal Training at a fraction of the price

  • Train with the best Personal Trainers without the price tag
  • Prices start from $10 a session

Phone: 1300 727 022


Trainer Level of certification

Level 1

Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

On the grass next to the beach at the end of Pacific St in Manly

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