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Vivos Active

Vivos Active

Come Join in our Outdoor Group Training for a FREE week to see what it is like for yourself. Talk to others about their training experience and sit down with a personal trainer to work out how best to achieve your goals.

Do you want to lose weight, tone up and feel better about how you look and feel?

It’s time to start training! Come along for a FREE week of group training meet some of the team who already train, see where we meet, try out the training for yourself and sit down and discuss how best to achieve your goals.

Start today Call or sms 0407 056 446 or fill in the contact form

By training outdoors you get lots of fresh air and some extra sun.
All Vivos active sessions go for at least an hour and include warm up, training and a cool down.
For Training always meet at Nolan Reserve a few minutes before the start time (it is very important that you don’t miss the warm up).

  • Good lighting for day and night
  • All weather training areas for summer and winter
  • An indoor wet weather venue for if it is storming
  • An undercover area if there are light showers
  • Fresh air, away from traffic
  • Car parking
  • Toilets
  • No written contracts,
  • No joining fees,
  • Lots of payment options,
  • Extensions to make up missed training,
  • You can book by email, over the phone, or just show up
  • A free Week to try all the sessions
  • Training from as little as $7.80 a session


Fitness Australia Registration Number


Trainer Level of certification

Level 2



Start Times of Training


Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

Nolan Reserve Cnr Pittwater Rd and Kentwell Rd North Manly

Queenscliff Beach near the surf club

Balmoral Oval Balmoral


  1. Vicki says:

    My partner and I have been going to Mick’s classes for a couple of years now and we find them fun and varied. Mick is great in that he pushes you according to your individual fitness level. He also has lots of tips for staying healthy and motivated.

  2. Tania says:

    I have been attending Mick’s classes for quite a few years and in that time I have achieved a level of fitness I never thought possible. Mick has empowered me and energised me. Mick helps you achieve your goals by forcing you to step outside your comfort zone…if you are willing!

  3. Louise says:

    It is Mick’s enthusiam and motivation that keeps me going to his classes year after year. He continues to support, even during injury, and works to ensure you achieve your goals. His best trait is being able to encourage you to go that extra distance when you think it is all too hard!

  4. Linda says:

    If you just want any old trainer, don’t come here. Mick is the most exceptional, experienced, knowledgeable, upbeat,energetic, highly motivated, geniune, caring and downright lovely personal trainer I have ever come across. He trains all ages, all sizes, all fitness levels so do not be scared to come along, as he tailors the class for each of us, depending on our circumstances/fitness levels. It is a friendly environment to be in, newcomers are always welcomed as we were all newcomers once and realise it is not easy to front up to a group of strangers! I have been training with him for several years continually. Much better than a gym, as it is much more personal and he takes a geniune interest in your progress and health and fitness. And as well and a workout there are a few clowns that come to class to keep us amused so you often will go home with a smile on your face!

  5. Carmel says:

    Mick has an amazing ability to work to each participant’s goals and capabilities at the same time, while delivering a challenging, fun and unique workout. I’ve been with the group for a few months and am always impressed by his enthusiasm, dedication and variation between classes.

  6. Kate says:

    I have been attending Micks classes for almost a year now. I find his classes to be challenging, results orientated and most importantly fun! Mick is a fantastic trainer who takes a personal, friendly and holistic approach to fitness and who genuinely wants you to succeed to achieving your goals.

  7. Nic says:

    Training with Michael is never boring! He mixes up the classes and keeps it fresh and fun. Even in a group he gives personal attention. He is passionate about what he does, and this is contagious.

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