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XtraMile Personal Fitness

XtraMile Personal Fitness

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Not everyone is suited to large group training. XtraMile Personal Fitness offers small group training that focuses on you as the client.

I don’t expect you to keep up with a large group. You and I work from where you are in your fitness and move you along in small steps. The focus is on fitness and fun in all our training sessions.

In the morning you work out in the great outdoors at James Drysdale Reserve on the Jinker Track at Ferny Hills. In the evenings it is the studio gym located at Woodlea Court Ferny Hills. You can decide which you prefer, or you can mix and match to your own timetable.

The one weekly price ($55.00) gives you assess to as much training as you want (you just have to make the appointment). After more than ten years working in the fitness industry I have asked people what they expected from their trainer, their training sessions and their gym. Obtaining my Diploma of Nutrition helped to meet the standards people now expect from their personal trainer. Helping people with their weight management is my passion.

The one payment includes regular weigh-ins, body composition analysis, diet analysis and a complete weight management program. Why? Because this is what people expect from personal service and you are worth it.

Fitness Australia Registration Number


Trainer Level of certification

Level 1

Training Locations 1-9 Postcodes

James Drysdale Reserve The Jinker Track Ferny Hills (Outdoor training)

6 Woodlea Court Ferny Hills (Studio Gym)

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